Best Bands of Bangladesh

Best Bangladeshi Bands

Honestly speaking, everybody talks about popular or best bands not only in Bangladesh but also worldwide. But I have a hobby that I collect songs that are not that popular but are mind-blowing! I will share some popular bands though, but today before talking about some of the best Bangladeshi bands, I will review some such bands that could not have much tractions but actually deserves to get known to everybody.

In fact, some of them do not even have a band. Even some of those songs were not released officially. They love music, so they composed and created those songs to satisfy their hobbies.

In this article, I will also share some songs of those bands that deserves traction. Let’s dive deep!

Best Bangladeshi Bands of Bangladesh that are NOT Much Popular but are MindBlowing

  1. Aushruto [ অশ্রুত ]
  2. The Tree
  3. Old School
  4. Metrical
  5. Encore
  6. Adnan Ashif
  7. Arnob Rafi
  8. Sintonia Production
  9. Fazle Rabbe Polin

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