Rogue RA 090 Review [Updated for 2022]

Rogue RA 090 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Review

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Musicians are hobby kings. If you are someone who wants to keep music as a hobby and keep guitar playing as a skill then you should know that Rogue RA 090 acoustic is one of the most beginner-friendly guitars that can fulfill the requirements beginner guitar players should have.

Rogue RA 090 is not only one of the best in the guitar industry but also is the flagship product of the company. They fought hard to compete for the market with giant musical instrument selling companies and ended up being a giant like them. Many people just prefer a brand, but they forget that bards are less dedicated to their product qualities. Rogue is very sensitive to their product quality and thus they have made a good reputation for making guitars.

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Why We Select Rogue RA 090 as One of Our Best Picks?

Well, obviously there are a few reasons behind our selection of Rogue RA 090 Dreadnought as one of our top picks. Amazing design with brilliant craftsmanship with high-quality sound output are some. Moreover, the building materials are of high quality and able to render standard sound that a beginner guitar player needs to feel to have a sound music sense.

Keeping a hobby is not easy. Moreover, as a beginner to keep guitar playing as a hobby is more challenging while you have zero experience with guitar playing. You can end up buying the wrong guitar that does not fit you well and loses a few bucks. But no worries, we are here to research the nasty stuff and bring you data about guitars so that you can compare each model with others and then decide which guitar can be a good fit for you.

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So let’s dive into the specifications of this amazing guitar so that you have to take less pain while selecting your first guitar as a beginner.


Rogue RA 090 has dimension parameters of 42.3 x 19 x 5.5 inches which is normal for acoustic guitars. Whether you are a kid or a grown-up, you have to get comfortable with this length if you really want to master the guitar playing skill.

But what you should know is, this guitar design provides a comfortable grip and easy play-ability by the elegant architecture and size so that it can be a good fit for both children and grown-ups.


Here comes the twist! Even if Rogue RA 090 is longer in size, it still optimizes the weight. It has a weight of 4.5 pounds which is so close to the weight of a ukulele. Though it is made with high-quality wooden materials, still it is so lightweight while also maintaining standard sounding features like bass effect and longer sound sustainability.

But How Lightweight guitar can help beginners?

If you are a die-hard guitar fan then you already know that holding heavy guitars while playing or practicing it is a struggle-some. The more the weight is, the more a player has to struggle. More struggling while playing can be hard for kids and beginners. But the lightweight feature of this guitar helps kids and beginner guitar players to practice or perform with this guitar easily and effectively.


Rogue RA 090 was not very popular at the beginning while they penetrated the market. But they survived the competition and were able to dominate the market by standing themselves from the crowd only because they were very sensitive about quality control. Thus they provide you with amazing melodious sound quality with easy playability.

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The high-quality materials that it uses effects the sound tone and the vibration from the strings. The sound penetrates through the soundhole from the strings, the wooden materials echos the sound wave while also keeps the vibration in the wood which helps to render long-sustaining rich sound. The sound has a warm tone because of this. This is a mid-end guitar, but the bright tone and sound this guitar provides are far better than many other high-end guitars.

Building Materials and Design

Rogue RA 090 Guitar is designed with a dreadnaught which is an industry standard. The body is made of whitewood which is a very high-quality material for acoustic guitars and it is very efficient to make the vibration uniformed and keeping the vibration in the wooden body for long while. The neck is made of Nato which is another great material that is widely used to make guitars. The body is aligned perfectly with the fingerboard so that beginner players do not find it struggling to keep extra pressure on the strings.

The scale length of the guitar is 25-3/8″. The bridge and fingerboard of the guitar are made of painted maple. Maple is an expensive wood for guitars which they used to build the guitar. Most of the acoustic guitar bridge is made of cheap plastic. In this case, Rogue RA 090 Dreadnought Guitar showed their class by providing high-quality materials in this mid-end price range.

The neck of the guitar is C-shaped and the fingerboard has 20 frets with 14 open bridges. The Nut width of the guitar is 1-2/3″ with a radius of 16″. It has covered tuners and the hardware of the guitar is made of Nickel.

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Rogue RA 090 Dreadnought Acoustic comes with various beautiful designs. It is popular for the weight it has with a high-quality sound rendered. Very few guitar builders can provide you with such rich sound quality in an optimized weight.


  • Maintains all the industry standards
  • Lightweight
  • Renders amazing rich sound


  • They could have made the guitar smaller so that kids can play it comfortably.
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