Yamaha FS800 Review with Specs [Updated]

Yamaha FS800 Acoustic Guitar Review

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Yamaha FS800 is for sure one of the most compatible acoustics for beginners who are thinking to keep guitar playing as a hobby but do not have any experience. No worries! All our experiences are dedicated to you. We have searched all over the internet, researched all the guitars that can be a good fit for you. Thus we gathered all the information on this guitar so that it becomes easy for you to compare Yamaha FS800 Guitar Specs with other guitar specs.

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Why Did We Decide to Write a Yamaha FS800 Review?

Yamaha is one of the most popular brands that sell musical instruments and they are old in this industry. But this guitar is not only beginner-friendly but also Yamaha FS800 is one of the most popular flagship models of Yamaha. Moreover, this series of the guitar was introduced in 1966 which makes this a legendary guitar. This is the only reason we are writing an in-depth review of this specific Yamaha model so that you can understand how amazing and popular this specific acoustic guitar is for beginner guitar players.

Why Yamaha FS800 is One of Our Best Picks?

Yamaha is already a reputed brand in the musical instrument industry because of the top-notch quality of its instruments. But they crossed the limit when they launched Yamaha FS800. Why? Well, that’s the thing we are going to find out in this article. Stay with us, and when you finish reading this article, you will know all the specifications of this amazing guitar to compare it with other good acoustics in the musical instruments industry. Now let’s dog into the information we have gathered for you about this guitar.

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The size dimensions of this amazing guitar are 41.6 x 19.1 x 6 inches. We can see the whole length of the guitar is 41.6 inches. Though size does not matter that much like it does when it is about a ukulele. All the guitars are approximately the same size. But if you check the guitar title in the Amazon you will see they have used Yamaha FS800 Small Body Solid Top Acoustic, Natural. The reason they used a Small Body is that 41.6 inches are smaller than many other guitars out there.

If you are a guitar freak, you already know that the smaller the better when it is about guitars because the smaller size makes it easy for kids and grown-up entry-level guitar players to learn quickly. The size of this guitar itself is a great feature of this guitar. This is not only about good sounds when you are considering a guitar. Also, you have to consider a comfortable grip and easy playability. Yamaha FS800 is the one that gives you a comfortable grip whether you are a kid or a grown-up guitar player. If you travel somewhere, the size becomes an advantage as a backup guitar.

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The weight of Yamaha FS800 is 5.9 pounds which is another amazing feature for beginners. Also, the weight offers good maneuverability and portability. Even a Tenor Size Ukelele is typically 4 pounds. Considering that, you are getting a guitar for just 5.9 pounds. This guitar is considered the best lightweight guitar for beginners for the weight low weight feature of this guitar.

Another advantage of this guitar being lightweight is, you will not struggle more to keep it holding with your body while you are standing. Low weight means less struggle to keep it holding, which means extra concentration to play. This is how the weight of this guitar helps beginner guitar players.

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The sound quality of the Yamaha FS800 Guitar is simply awesome. Being small in size does not affect the sound quality at all while other guitars of similar sizes affect the tone. The tone is richer than many other guitars that you can not find in this price range. This is a mid-range acoustic that maintains its responsibility well. As a legendary guitar from 1966, it has been serving people till now just because of the warm and bright sound quality.

This guitar has a stronger and louder sound in this low and mid-range pricing. The credit goes to Yamaha who introduced cutting-edge acoustic analysis technology. This technology makes the sound more melodious, long sustaining and also adds a bass effect of sound in the tone.


Yamaha FS800 Guitar is designed with amazing cutting-edge acoustic analysis technology. The architectural design is traditional acoustic design yet has a smooth uniqueness which you can only find if you see this guitar in reality. It comes in different colors that will steal your heart even if you are not a guitar lover. The binding of the body and fingerboard is great, aligned perfectly so that you do not have to keep extra pressure on the strings to not messing up with distortion.

With the design, this guitar introduced itself with amazing craftsmanship, beautiful looking design, and effective architectural design which echos the sound vibration through the soundhole and renders a melodious tone.

Building Materials

Yamaha FS800 is made of high-quality wood materials. The top of the guitar is built with solid Sitka spruce. The back and sides of the guitar are made of Nato. Both materials are high quality and help to manipulate the sound frequency in a uniformed one which makes the sound sweet.

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The fingerboard is made of Rosewood which is one of the industry standards, good! rosewood is the most used high-quality wood material that is used to make stringed musical instrument fingerboards. Rosewood helps you to feel the smoothness and thus helps you to feel the frets and recognize them without even looking into the frets while playing.

The bridge is made of rosewood which is amazing because most of the guitar makers will give you low-quality plastic bridges. You will hardly find a guitar that provides a bridge that is made of Rosewood. Rosewood is a costly material, and none of the brands want to increase the cost of a product by providing high-quality materials in every part of a guitar. So, considering that, Yamaha FS800 is giving you quality products in a mid-range of pricing.

The tuners of the guitar are of Diecast which is another example of the company not being cheap. Guess what? Diecast is another good thing that not every brand provides.


The strings of this legendary guitar are Ball Aluminum Bronze strings which is good because it is one of the quality strings in the market.


The specialty of Yamaha FS800 is the size of it. It renders great quality sounds while also being smaller than most other guitars at a mid-range price. It provides a professional level of sounding at a very affordable rate that many guitar brands cannot provide. So it is definitely value for money.


  • Many different styles and colors to choose from
  • The smaller body and weight for kids and grown-up beginners.
  • Accessories included with a bundle package


  • Building materials could be better like using Mahogany wood

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