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Every musician who is starting the race or who has had a certain trajectory must know the Yamaha musical instruments, this brand being one of the best in offering these products. That is why we have prepared this part so that you know a little more about this brand below.

Yamaha is a Japanese company that is considered to be the largest producer of musical instruments and audiovisual products in the world, as well as electrical appliances, electronic products, and accessories for the automotive industry.

The brand starts operations in the year 1887 when Torakusu Yamaha manufactures a prototype keyboard, which was not very successful because the instrument did not have a tuning method designed. For what months later, Torakusu decides to implant the system of tuning through the fretboard. That is why the name of the brand includes three crossed musical tuning forks.

Within the range of musical instruments that Yamaha manufactures, you will find, keyboards, drums, basses, guitars, wind instruments, brass and wind wood, violins, percussion, cellos, violas, and synthesizers.

The company Yamaha has invested a lot of effort and dedication in offering products and services that allow satisfying the needs of clients in all parts of the world, being a widely recognized brand in this category of products.

The quality of Yamaha is superior to other brands that exist in the market because the instruments are at the forefront in terms of technology, design, acoustics and customer orientation. Music professionals, companies, institutions, and apprentices are loyal to this brand, as they allow the best to help achieve the proposed musical goals.

Yamaha has always been in the service of the community since 1966, when the Yamaha Music Foundation was created, implementing musical and recreational activities in institutions and schools, in order to leave an important musical legacy to the new generations.


Casio helps to discover the love of music by offering electronic instruments that have new functions and facilitate mastery, without having to go through years of hard practice. The history of Casio begins in 1946 when Kashio Seisakujo started in Tokyo, one of the most successful electronics companies in the world.

But it was not until 1980, when Casio launched the first electronic keyboard (Casiotone 201) as a compact and easy-to-use unit that could play piano, drums and guitar sounds, with built-in speakers, which was acclaimed by lovers of music worldwide.

Later he developed numerous features such as automatic accompaniment with a single button, memory to record and play songs and guide melodies with indications through the lighting of the keys, which have expanded the popularity of their digital instruments.

In 1986 he produced the first digital piano and in 1988 he started the CDP series, with digital pianos that sound and work as a real grand piano. Let’s get to know the Casio CDP130, a popular model of this series, which is ideal for those who start in the fascinating world of digital pianos.

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