Luna Tattoo Ukulele Review [Uke TC MAH Concert Size]

Luna Tattoo Ukulele Review

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Have you ever seen a ukulele with Hawaiian flavor of a design before? Luna Tattoo Ukulele is one of the best modern ukuleles for beginners which is designed with Hawaiian style and look. It has Tattoos all over it which brings a kinky look. The look of this ukulele makes any music lovers fall in love with this Hawaiian-styled ukulele instantly.


Luna Uke TC MAH Concert Size Tattoo Ukulele Review
Luna Uke TC MAH Concert Size Tattoo Ukulele Review

The Luna Tatto Ukulele comes in concert size. It has a length of 15 Inches.

The neck of this is of a C shape design which makes a comfortable nice grip beside your tummy.

With the long-scale version of Luna Tatto Ukulele, you will feel the stability and the playability, you will feel motivation from your inside seeing the long pore design which will help you to boost your inspiration.

It makes people easy to learn to play the ukulele. Moreover, as it is a concert size ukulele, and as you already know how good concert size ukuleles are for entry-level learning and practicing at school, it makes itself one of the best ukuleles for beginners.

It has a weight of 1.3 pounds which is as you know good for kids and adult newbies to learn to play. This feature makes it one of the best beginner’s ukuleles of the modern era.

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The sounding of this modern mid-end ukulele is amazing and marvelous.

The empty space between the strings and the backend makes so nice coordination and synchronization of sound frequency, which makes it sound the perfect resonance and frequency, which makes you shake with the melodious tone of it. It is a dreamy ukulele for bass players as it renders a fundamental Bass tone with itself.

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Built with

The Luna Tatto Concert ukulele is made of very high-quality Mahogany wood.

The Top, neck, and body are made with Mahogany wood with a nice satin finishing actually.

The fingerboard is actually made of walnut with a rosewood design.

And also the bridge is made of Walnut.

The flat fretboard is 18 frets in length.

With this mid-range ukulele, you will feel the comfortable grip and satisfying response of the strings.

The Inlays and Markers has an exceptional shark teeth design which makes it one of the best kinky-looking ukuleles in the industry.


The strings of this modern and mid-end beginner ukulele are high-quality Aquila.

Strings are perfectly aligned with the fretboard which makes it easy for beginner ukulele players to keep less pressure on the strings to play good quality sounds.

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The specialty of the Luna Tatto Concert ukulele is it comes with a nice Hawaiian tattoo design with a nature of turtle in mind that actually represents the traditional cultural heritage of the Hawaiian people.

Also, the specialty of this Hawaiian looking ukulele is it has free shipping available inside the USA. Another unique offer is that it comes with an open gear tuner and gig bag included.


  • Stunning and kinky tattoo design
  • Mahogany top, back, and sides with a rosewood fingerboard
  • Quality gig bag included
  • 1.3 pounds of weight


  • Some might not like the distinctive styling
  • Ukulele lessons are not included

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