Jameson Guitars 5 String Banjo Review

Jameson Guitars 5 String Banjo Review

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So, are you someone who is passionate about playing musical instruments like banjos? If yes, then, Jameson 5 string banjo may not be a bad idea. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, this is the kind of banjo that usually suits everybody.

But before we talk about Jameson 5 string banjo, It’s not a bad idea to give you guys a brief note on banjo and its history. Its history takes us way back in the 17th century. The modern banjo that you see mainly comes from the 17th-century Caribbean music instruments, and these instruments were used by enslaved West African people. Over the years, it evolved and became popular. More often than not, the banjo is associated with traditional and country music. But you will also see people using it in rock songs.

Now that we are done and dusted with the history part, let’s get straight to the point and talk about Jameson banjo review.

Key Features

So what’s so great about this product? Why is it so good, and why should you buy it? Let’s talk a bit more about the features of Jameson banjos to answer all of these questions.

Geared 5th Tuner

Compare to the friction tuner(a typical feature of a regular banjo), Geared 5th tuner is definitely better. It’s a good upgrade that has been introduced. This is a kind of feature that you will generally find on expensive banjos. It’s probably the strongest point for this product. You won’t find too many banjos that offer so many features and yet cost relatively less. Granted that it’s not a product that will suit everyone, but it does satisfy a lot of people. That’s the very reason why it one of the most popular banjos right now(especially for beginners).

Decent Performance

At the end of the day, the performance has to be good enough. To enhance performance, some of the following features have been embedded:

  • Adjustable hinged tailpiece
  • 24 brackets
  • Maple bridge

Chrome-plated armrest

The chrome-plated armrest is another notable feature it offers. The good thing about this feature is that it will allow you to play your banjo without any issues.


The materials that are used to manufacture this product are quite decent.

The mahogany resonator and neck along with a 7 ply maple & mahogany shell make it a premium product for all the people who love to play the banjo.

So what is a resonator? A resonator is basically a metal plate that is attached to the back of the banjo.

Now, what is the function of a resonator? Well, it gives your banjo a more volume and also a brighter or better sound. More often than not, Bluegrass musicians like to have the banjo that has a resonator. Needless to say that a resonator is a pretty important part of a banjo and Jameson 5 string banjo has a decent one.

Note: There is another type of banjo that does not contain a resonator plate. These are called open-back banjos. So what is so great about them? Well, that kind of depends on you. Even though most musicians prefer banjos with a resonator, open back banjos are favored by folk musicians. The sound of open-back banjo projects back into the player before going forward. What happens is that the tone becomes much darker and mellower, which is preferred by many folk musicians and people who like old-fashioned clawhammer technique.

Good finish and Durability

Along with the performance, a product should also look good to look more appealing to the customer. The high-gloss finish of this banjo makes it look stunning. Furthermore, its durability is not too bad either. As it is made of quality materials, it will last longer.

Other Stuff

The weight of the banjo is 9.9 pounds, which means that it is reasonably light(if you judge its weight). So you will be able to play the banjo for a long period of time, and it won’t cause any strain on the shoulders. You can get a bag for your banjo. So you will be able to keep it safe and sound. Furthermore, it’s easy to transport the banjo if you have a bag. Note the dimension of the product here- 45.6 inches x 17.9 inches x 6 inches.


  • Decent performance.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Looks elegant and classy.
  • Good durability which means that you will be able to play it for a long time.


  • In some cases, the strings were not durable enough.

So that’s all we have to say on our Jameson 5 string banjo review. Whether you are pro or an amateur, this banjo will probably suit you. Of course, you have to keep in mind that there are other products in the market and some of them will offer more features than this one. However, they will cost you extra cash from your pocket. But the thing is Jameson 5 string banjo offers a lot compared to its price. So the bottom line is:

Not only it looks great, but Jameson banjo also sounds good. The overall performance is not bad at all. There is a reason why its performance is outstanding as it offers some of the best features that a banjo can offer.

More Info about this Banjo in this Video


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Can you take the resonator off?

The resonator is removable, there are 4 thumbscrews you have to remove to do so. You’ll probably also have to remove the chrome hand rest before loosening the thumbscrew under it.

Is there a spot to attach a strap?

Yes, there are many places to attach a strap. We’d suggest you not purchase a strap that has any metal snaps because they could scratch the finish on the banjo. Most straps simply tie on.

How many coordinator rods does this have? What material are they made of?


What kind of strings are on it?

I’m pretty sure it’s just some generic strings. They are actually pretty decent though, no real reason to change them until they get old.

Is this good for playing Megadeth?

Yes this is the same model Dave used on tour

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