Casio CTK4400 Review – Electronic Keyboard

Casio CTK4400 Electronic Keyboard Review

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Casio is one of the best brands in the best electronic keyboard industry. In this Casio CTK4400 Review, we will discuss this model in depth. This one is a perfect keyboard for beginners or musicians who want a keyboard with many different tones. Perfect for composing and carrying small live shows and as a secondary keyboard at home to compose.

This model is similar to an acoustic piano, as it has touch-sensitive keys with functions to create a broad musical environment with professional sound.

It brings 600 tones, 152 melodies from the song bank and includes a book of scores with 50 phrasings to educate.

In addition, it contains configured sounds and the “sampling” function that allows you to scan other musical forms and play them. It is even possible to make some sounds and adjust them so that you can incorporate or replace them between the resonances you have to create musical chords.

Casio CTK4400 Review: Ideal for Creating Melodies

With this electronic piano, you have the potential to expand the songs, since it comes with a memory capacity of approximately 320 KB, where you can load melodies from external sources to use them as accompaniment in your own performances.

For its part, it brings a step-by-step lesson function to master a song and improve performance. Also, it comes with an audio input with which you can send the music out of the keyboard speakers; This is a great feature that allows you to use it to entertain events or celebrations.

Also, on the wide LCD screen, you will be able to see all the musical information and the diversity of functions that will allow you to select the keyboard option you need. As for its technical characteristics, it has a USB for connection to a computer and other devices compatible with the GM protocol.

Advantages of the keyboard

1. Has AHL Sounds

The highly compressed technology (AHL) of this keyboard, provides it with piano tones and acoustic instruments in a total of 48 tones.

2. Touch Function: Response to Touch

The sensitivity to touch is high and this gives space to play with the keys and notes by varying the pressure that you apply to the keyboard.

3. Acoustic Sound

This keyboard delivers an authentic sound that is related to the one heard at concerts, being able to make itself felt in large spaces. That is why it can be used to learn but also for professional work.

4. Brings a List of Chords

One of the most important functions of this instrument is the “Chord Book,” which consists of already configured chords of which you can make use when you need it, which can be edited and adjusted.

5. It comes with Lesson Function

Children or music lovers can follow the guide that the keyboard brings to learn to interpret pieces. You will be able to take the final evaluation to supervise your work and analyze the evolution of your musical abilities.

5. Variety of Musical Genres

It brings 180 rhythms that include most of the Latin rhythms that exist in the world, such as bossa nova, cumbia, samba, reggaetón, and calypso. All these rhythms can be edited and preset with the selection of the ” Music Preset ” option, which automatically modifies the keyboard configuration in terms of tone, time and rhythm. Another function that you like a lot is the change of scale to start with oriental music or classical music.

General Characteristics of the Casio CTK4400

  • It’s a home keyboard with 61 keys
  • 600 AHL tones
  • Reverb effect button
  • Step-up learning system
  • 48-voice polyphony
  • 180 rhythms
  • 152 songs
  • 10 digital effects
  • Registry memory, specifically 320 KB.
  • Scale adjustment
  • Arpeggiator
  • Beat editor
  • Musical challenge
  • USB Plug & Play / Song Expansion
  • Chord Book function
  • Sequencer (Recorder)
  • Piano/organ adjustment key

Technical characteristics of the Casio CTK4400 Keyboard

  • Product weight: 4.3 Kg
  • Number of keys: 61
  • Dimensions of the product: 94.8 x 35 x 10.3 cm
  • Product model number: CTK-4400K7
  • Power supply: AC, Battery
  • Color: Black
  • Output power: 5 watts

Final Verdict

The Casio CTK4400 keyboard has a wide range of musical resources when it comes to using it. That is why public opinion considers it “highly recommended” in terms of user experience.

It may not be one of the most economical models, but if we are looking for a medium-high-end quality piano it may be an excellent option.

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