Kala KA-15S Soprano Ukulele Review [Mahogany]

Kala KA 15S Soprano Ukulele Review

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Kala KA 15S Soprano Ukulele can be the best ukulele for beginners if you consider buying a Soprano ukelele. There are other good options though if you consider a tenor or concert ukulele.

But as long as you are strict with your decision that you must have a soprano size ukulele, Kala Ka-15S Ukulele is our best pick. In this article, we will see the advantages-disadvantages or pros-cons of having a Kala KA 15S Soprano Ukulele.

Kala KA-15S Tenor Ukulele is one of the most popular budgets ukuleles in the ukulele industry. It has 2000+ good user reviews on Amazon and has a great impression on the buyers.

But is it a perfect fit for you?

Well, that depends on many factors like your height, age, etc. If you are a ukulele lover then you already know that ukuleles have 3 different sizes.

The soprano size is the smallest size ukulele which can be a perfect pick for both grown-up and kids who are just starting off.

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The History

Ever since the Kala brand came into the market, it went through a ton of ups and downs.

When a new brand hits the musical-instruments industry, it usually booms the market and makes it saturated, especially lower-end and mid-range products do this very often.

Kala is not an exception, it hit the market as soon as the brand was launched, especially it helped the entry-level and intermediate level players.

Why Do We recommend Kala KA 15S Soprano Ukulele?

When your intention is to buy the best budget ukulele, you can end up buying an amateur level ukulele which is not more than a toy.

The stringed instruments industry if piled up with this kind of low-quality instruments.

This is why we researched the market, the user reviews, and the pros-cons of the best ukulele brands.

We ended up with some interesting results, Kala KA-15S Soprano Ukulele is one of them.

But we have our reasons why it is one of the best picks. Let’s dig into the specifications which makes it one of the best soprano ukulele of the market.


We already know that the soprano size is the smallest size of all the sizes. The advantage of it is everybody from children to grown-up beginner players will find it really easy to handle. Especially kids, it really helps kids to learn to play ukulele if it fits their grip well, and as Kala’s flagship product Kala KA 15S is of a soprano size ukulele, it makes it really easy for kids to grip it perfectly and comfortably.

The dimension of this legendary ukulele is 24 x 4 x 9 inches. Which means, the total ukulele size is 24 inches. This makes it a bit bigger in size if we compare it to other soprano ukuleles of the market.

But that can be okay because, in a 24 inches ukulele, not only kids but also adult beginners can also get comfortable with it.

And those whose finger is a bit thick, they will also not find it challenging while practicing to learn to play the ukulele.


Kala KA-15S Soprano Ukulele is very much lite weight if we compare it with other soprano size ukuleles. It has a weight of 1.15 pounds. This is a great feature of beginner ukulele player both who are kids and also who are adults.

Much weight can be challenging for kids to grip it while also playing and practicing with this ukulele.

And also the shipping weight in Amazon of this beautiful-looking ukulele is 1.15 pounds.

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If you are looking to render a smoke flavor of sounding from your ukulele, Kala KA 15S Soprano ukulele is your best bet. It outputs a soft and warm tone which is really melodious.

With the bright tune of this legendary ukulele, you will always find yourself walking through your heard while playing your favorite song.

High-Quality Aquila strings of this ukulele produce a distorted sound wave that explores through the body of the ukulele through the soundhole, which outputs the perfect frequency of vibration. Thus the sound of this great ukulele is so sharp and bright.

The body of the ukulele produces a long sustaining sound with a bit of bass which is a unique feature of this ukulele.

You already know if you are a uke lover that soprano size ukuleles do not output bass because of the small body, but this is really an exceptional ukulele that it makes long sustaining bass frequency even if it is a soprano size ukulele.

Build Materials

As you can see from the name already, the ukulele is made of high-quality Mahogany woods with a satin finishing.

The body and neck are made of mahogany with deep grain accent. The fingerboard is made of high-end rosewood or walnut with the fets separated with silver nickel frets.


Kala KA 15S Soprano Ukulele is designed with great smoky architecture. It has a deep brown grain color with a full satin finishing.

The rosewood or walnut fretboard design makes it not only look beautiful but also makes it easy for a beginner or intermediate level player to play it comfortably.

This ukulele has a simple design while also it has great craftsmanship. The deep brown of chocolate color design makes it look so delicious for any uke lovers.

The string mount of this legendary ukulele has GraphTech NuBone nut made with rosewood or walnut and saddle with perfect alignment.

The body and fingerboard are also perfectly aligned so that players will not have to keep extra pressure on the strings to render exact sounding from the ukulele.

The bridge of the ukulele is also made of rosewood or walnut which is another good feature that they are not using a cheap plastic bridge. The NuBone has a good reputation for making long sustaining warm and bright vibration.


The Kala KA 15S Soprano Ukulele comes with great quality Aquila Super Nylgut strings which are the standard of the ukulele industry.

Though it does not come with a set of extra strings which is okay because you can not expect much more from a high-quality budget ukulele.


  • High-Quality Aquila Super Nyglut Strings
  • Affordable Price!
  • High-Quality Materials (Mahogany, Walnut, Nubone, GraphNut, Rosewood)
  • Mahogany Wood Construction with Satin Finishing with WoodGrain Accent
  • GraphTech NuBone
  • 12 Brass Frets


  • Sound Quality Could be Better

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