Fender Champion 100 Watt Guitar Amp Review: Everything You Need to Know

Fender Champion 100 Review

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Are you one of those people who are into guitar and music? If yes, you might be aware that the Fender Champion 100 is one of the best guitar amps for anybody who wishes a dependable, flexible, and well-modeled amp. Its amp is equipped along with various settings, power, abilities as well as features. Fender Champion 100 is an excellent amp for both newbies and professionals alike. Fender champion 100 guitar amp could be seen in countless stages of different sought-after musicians and artists these days.

In this fender champion 100 review, we will try to present all the information you need to know about this guitar amp. Without further ado, let’s get started!

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Introducing Fender

In case you didn’t know yet, Fender is a highly sought-after and well-respected name in the music sector. For many years, Fender amps have been around a bit longer compared to Fender guitars. In 1946, Leo Fender started to produce guitar amps. Since that year, they have been providing some of the most extremely known amp models available on the market today.

Fender Champion 100 Guitar Amp Specs

The Fender Champion 100 has the power to explode the tone through its 2 to 12 inches speakers at 100 watts. You will find that the open and black design of this guitar amp enables hassle-free access to the speakers in case any maintenance is required.

The Fender Champion 100 Amp measures 26 x 19 x 10.5. Its weight is 40 pounds.


You will also find two channels, one along with its effect loops. The amp features in-built effects such as vibrato, chorus, tremolo, reverb, and echo. What’s more, it also has a pre-amp in as well as jacks, allowing you to hook your pedalboard.

We want to highlight that every channel can connect individually to its effect type. That denotes that you could have a flanger on one channel while you have reverb on the other. This feature is one of the many things you will genuinely love about the Fender Champion 100 amp. Aside from that, it features a footswitch allowing it to bounce back and forth effortlessly among the distortion and clean channels.

Do you think we’re done already? We’re just starting. The Champion 100 also comes with all the EQ powers you need. You can combine your channels individually to the particular style of music you wish to play.

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The amp guitar features a phone jack and an auxiliary input so you could play a piece of music on your iPad. Or maybe you prefer to listen to your shreds without disturbing your neighbors. We want to highlight that this amp is perfect for nearly all genres. No matter if you play metal, country, blues, or jazz, you can find the ideal power and tones you need to mesmerize someone.


As we have mentioned earlier, the Fender Champion 100 has two channels along with an array of various effects. Its drive channel also provides some amp voicings that were inspired by the classic Fender amps. It includes Blackface, British, and Tweed. 

This Fender Champion 100 guitar combo amp boasts a conventional Champion style. Although it’s not that remarkable, its design is attractive and very familiar. It has a black vinyl case as well as silver grille cloth. Along with the twelve inches special design speakers of this amp, it offers a massive 100 watts of power. In short, it can fill the majority of small to medium-sized locations. If you prefer a much quieter practice, fret not because it also features a headphone jack.

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Who Is It Ideal For?

The Fender Champion 100 guitar amplifier combo is ideal for any type of guitar play. You’d be pushed to discover a musician who would not value the versatility and tones this amp could provide. No matter if you are only a beginner playing the guitar or you are a pro session guitar player, there’s no need for you to worry. The Fender Champion 100 got you covered.

This amp guitar is strong enough but small to fit perfectly into a newbie’s practice room. If you are one of them, we recommend that you buy this because it will be perfect for your level of versatility. It will enable you to play music along with a wide range of music genres.


  • Robust construction
  • Solid and different tones
  • Strongly created
  • Independent effect powers
  • Highly versatile


  • Not a flashy design
  • A bit heavy

What We Love About Fender Champion 100

The Fender Champion 100 is two thumbs-up for the majority of musicians out there. It features everything you need from a broad spectrum of effects. It has a very remarkable tone and presents versatile abilities. It is also designed strong and durable enough to be carried on road trips or travels.

When it comes to the sound, the Fender Champion 100 offers a crisp sound to be utilized inside the studio, offering your songs the precise sound you want. Newbies can learn and play with any genre of music they want along with the level of tone differentiation accessible with it.

Ultimately, the preamp jacks, as well as the effect loop, allow you to personalize the sound you are seeking. Along with 100 watts of power, you’ll have something that will compete with even the showiest bands in your neighborhood. We can tell that it’s one of the best you could find in the market today.

Final Verdict

For the Fender champion 100 price, you cannot get a more stage-worthy guitar amp with numerous features, power, and amazing speakers. Whether you love round or crisp tones, the Fender Champion 100 is undoubtedly the ideal amp guitar for you. It is perfect for individuals who like to play with different types of music genres.

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We hope we provided you the information you need about the Fender Champion 100.

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