Fender Champion 20 Watt Guitar Amp Review: Everything You Need to Know

Fender Champion 20 Review

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As a guitarist, the Fender champion 20 guitar combo amp has all you require as a high-quality sound for both personal and occasional use. If you’ve been searching for a perfect sound generator, look no further because this type of amplifier generates nothing but the best quality crystal clear sound. Its advantages are so many that make it one of the best affordable guitar amplifiers, and no buyer can afford to go for a different one if at all well-managed output sound is the key needed factor.

It is affordable and this means that almost everybody can afford it and enjoy what it takes to be a professional guitarist. Having an affordable package alongside many features like delay/echo, reverb, chorus, Vibratone, tremolo, and many others allows you to make the sound even more attractive. Iconic Blackface designing finalizes the fender champion 20 guitar amplifier. Among other features and benefits of this type of amplifier, the stated ones are the main reason why customers are rushing for this low-end amplifier.

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Why the Price of Fender Champion 20 Amp is Considered Affordable

It is cheaper compared to other guitar amplifiers considering that there are a lot of inbuilt features. All the user needs to do to tune to the favorite tone is not necessarily purchasing more accessories but rather tuning it for the preferred one. This does not only reduce the initial cost of purchasing the amplifier package but also the maintenance cost that has to do with electricity consumption. Consuming electric power at the rate of 20 watts makes it convenient and efficient as it economically suits the business of domestic use. Due to Amazon’s affordable shipping rates, this amplifier can be easily purchased by anyone from many countries that are covered by the amazon plan. This means that many people can get this amp without hurting their pockets.

Why is This Amplifier Preferred by Many Users?

Even though the description given above is enough to let whoever needs a guitar amplifier prefer using this beginner-friendly amp, let’s maneuver more details concerning this type of amp just to emphasize on why any buyer should go for it. The features that were inbuilt during the production of this type of guitar amplifier, do not need any kind of exaggeration while explaining to them because the power in them says it all. The 20-watt feature makes the amplifier not consume much power and makes it durable just to make sure economically it suits everyone reliably. The special speaker that has been designed as 8 fender is yet another feature that gives this legendary flagship amp power to dominate the guitar amp industry. This feature makes the sound be output conveniently and thus giving out a high-quality sound.

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The power of a single channel

Having a single channel together with an input makes sure that the amp works in a high-performance way. This is one of the reasons why it gives out a polished output that no one can regret having the device when listening.

Special Sound Effects

Its features are reverb and chorus among other previously mentioned features that make the sound effects come out clearly. This makes one feel like he/she is participating with the musicians or the main character of what is outputted while listening. The fender champion 20 guitar combo amp with effects makes the package even more preferable.


On top of this, there is variation in how voices are output which makes it work amazingly since the user can set whichever is desirable. One can as well distort the voice depending on the needed sound. A headphone can be plugged for personal listening that switches the loudspeaker off.

The features can be summarized as:

  • Type: Solid State, Combo.
  • Speaker: an 8″ Fender with Special Design.
  • Output(RMS): 20 Watts.
  • Number of Channels: 1.
  • Weight: 5.4kg.
  • Dimensions: 32.5cm x 35cm x 19cm (w/h/d)
  • Reverb: Yes.

The Other features: Chorus, Flanger, Delay + Rev, Reverb – Chorus, Wah, Vibatone, Tremelo.

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The design of any product tells a lot about how that specific product works and its user-friendliness. Fender Champion 20 guitar amplifier is designed in a way that anybody can learn how to use it quickly. It is good-looking as well. By simply turning the knob, users can change the sound tone from 17 tones that are different from one another. This makes it match with any song.

The amplifier is designed in a way that the user can plug in an mp3 media player to the amp and the rest is the enjoyment of quality sound from the output device. One can connect the headphone, a feature that is designed to mute the loudspeaker(s) automatically and let the sound be directed to the headphone handset only. This has been put in place to make sure that the user can enjoy using it even at places where silence is required.

The small cables can be kept at the back of its open cabinet. This design makes it save the space available as well as smartly packing the wires that otherwise look poorly kept. The general design seems to have been put in place to ease the user’s work and ensure high performance as well as producing high-quality sound.


The size of any device is a factor to be considered. This mostly is important to decide on the best area that should be set aside for it. This amp has got a very friendly size for the user. Its height is 12.75” which means that it does not occupy much space. The length of 13.75” and a width of 7.5″ makes is portable. The portability of this type of amplifier implies that efficiency while working with it is highly considered.


The weight of any gadget dictates whether it can be transported from one place to another easily and cost-effectively. The fender champion 20 guitar combo amp is light enough to allow the user to transport it easily. This type of amplifier weighs 12 lb. It makes it possible to pack and unpack easily as well as being economical especially when air transporting.


  • It is portable and thus has ease of carrying
  • It is easy to use it due to its simplified design
  • Has an excellent sound
  • The output power is good and economical
  • It is warm during the performance


  • Sound quality is not so good
  • The functions are limited
  • It is a little bit weak

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