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Fender FA 100 Review

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Fender FA 100 Acoustic Guitar is one of the most selling acoustic guitars for newbies. This is also one of the best-selling flagship products of the popular company named Fender.

Fender is a very popular brand in the stringed instruments industry. Fender has been making guitars since the early 1930s. This guitar is used by so many people as an entry-level guitar artist that it has been said that if you want to learn to play guitar.

Today in this Fender FA 100 review we will see the specifications of this guitar and understand why this guitar is used most widely among beginner and roughly used guitar jammers.

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Fender FA 100 Review With Detailed Specifications [Explained Reasons Logically]

We recommend Fender FA 100 Acoustic Guitar for several reasons, craftsmanship, binding, well alignment, and perfectly balanced features of this guitar are some reasons. Let’s see the specifications of this guitar and understand why this guitar is most preferable for beginner guitar players.


The size dimensions of this guitar are 44.5 x 18 x 6.5 inches. This means the length of this legendary guitar is 44.5 inches which is the standard size of an acoustic guitar.

If you are a beginner guitar player and trying to select an acoustic guitar that is the right size fit for your body then you should know that you have to cope with this size because most of the acoustic guitar is of the same size.

Guitars do not come in different sizes as ukuleles do. So, whether you are looking for a guitar for a kid or a grown-up guitar player as a beginner, they must have to cope with this size.

The scale length of the guitar is 25.3″ (643 mm), the Fingerboard Radius is 11.81″ (300 mm). The Number of Frets in the guitar is 20 and the Nut Width of it is 1.650″ (42 mm).

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The weight of this guitar is 13.3 pounds. This is pretty common and also you have to cope with this weight if you are looking forward to learning to play guitar. Most acoustic guitars come with the approximate same weight.

A perfect acoustic guitar not only depends on high-quality sounding but also a comfortable grip with comfortable playability, which Fender confirms with this model.


Fender FA 100 Acoustic Guitar is a Full-size dreadnought body design. While other competitors of it sell guitars with kinky looks, it maintains the traditional acoustic guitar looks.

However, they designed the guitar to be glossy and Laminated. The top of the guitar is Laminated spruce with C bracing. The interior and exterior architecture design is just like another traditional acoustic guitar while Fender FA 100 concentrated on the high-quality materials and sound render.

The body is designed for a full and vibrant tone, suited for all styles of music.

Fret Size of the guitar is Vintage-Style size. String Nut is a Synthetic Bone. The Truss Rod is Dual-Action and the Tuning Machines are Die-Cast.

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High-Quality Sound Render

Fender FA 100 Acoustic Guitar renders high-quality sound that a guitar player wants the most.

The soundhole design, strings, body, and fingerboard alignment make it perfectly balanced to render the perfect frequency of sound.

Strings might render a distorted frequency of sound but after it goes and echos through the soundhole, it output the most uninformed sound frequency which makes it a bright tone with melodious output.

This guitar is a legendary guitar and one of the flagships of the legendary company named Fender. They are one of the best companies in the stringed musical instruments industry.

As a mid-range budget guitar, it outputs so richly sounding that many other high-range guitars cannot render.

If you compare it with other guitars that render similar quality sounds you will see they are not mid-range guitars, most of them are high-end guitar which is not a good idea to buy them at the initial level when you are just starting out.

In one word, it outputs a warm and melodious sound which makes it one of the best-selling guitars for beginner guitar players in this price range.  This guitar gives you that quality rich-sounding quality in your estimated price range.

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High-Quality Building Materials with Specifications

Fender FA 100 Acoustic guitar is built with high-quality wood materials. It has a Laminated Spruce Top with Basswood Back and Sides.

The body finishing is glossy with a chrome finishing. Both back and side are made of high-quality wood materials.

The neck is made of high-quality maple materials with a glossy finishing which makes it look like traditional acoustic guitars. The shape of the neck is “C” Shape.

The fingerboard of the guitar is made of Laminated Hardwood.

The fingerboard is bound with the body with a good alignment which helps beginner guitar players or any stringed musical instruments player to keep less pressure on the strings.

Fender FA 100 Acoustic Guitar has 1-Ply Black Pick Guard.

Pearloid Dots for signs of fret counts which helps beginner players to count the frets and not messing up with the wrong frets while holding chords. The bridge of the guitar is made of Rosewood with Compensated Saddle.


This legendary beginner-friendly guitar comes with high-quality fender strings that come with the guitar already installed.


The specialty of this guitar is mainly the architectural design, building materials, and high-quality sound output. This guitar has a fine-tune with a great design that is responsible for the crystal clear rich sound output it renders from the soundhole.

Another specialty of the guitar is if you buy it from Amazon, it will come with some accessories with a bundle package, which includes:

  • A hard Case that helps you to keep the guitar out of damages while you are carrying it.
  • A high-quality tuner that helps you keep the strings in a fine-tune.
  • A set of extra High-Quality Fender strings that relieve you from buying extra strings if you accidentally ruin any of the strings.
  • A strap that you can use to hold the guitar while you are playing it. It would have cost you a few extra bucks to install a belt or strap, this bundle package helps you from that hassle.
  • 3 soft picks to help you get used to lead playing.


  • Rich-Sounding
  • Wonderful Traditional Design
  • Built with High-Quality Wooden Materials
  • It comes with all the necessary accessories


  • So far, we could not find any cons with this guitar

Thus now you already know all the specifications of this awesome product from this Fender FA 100 Guitar Review, you are now ready to compare other brands and acoustic guitar with it.

I think this guitar maintains all the industry standards that you can not select any other guitar with such entry-level facilities in a mid-range.

The reason I am saying it is mid-range is because it maintains all the criteria to satisfy a beginner-level guitar player’s needs in this price range which many other costly guitars cannot.

If you are looking for a guitar that satisfies all the basic and common criteria of a beginner-level guitar player, it can be your best bet.

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