Yamaha P45 Review [A Compact Digital Keyboard with 88-Weighted Keys]

yamaha p45 review

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The current replacement of the model P-35 is the Yamaha P45. This Yamaha P45 review describes why this model provides better quality and support for a digital piano player. It is the ideal compromise between the quality and the price when one wishes to equip an electronic keyboard by Yamaha. 

With 88 weighted keys, Yamaha P45 electronic keyboard is compact, lightweight, and has all the essential features. Sound quality, feel functionality, design, and value, making it one of the best electric keyboards on the market.

Available in black, the Yamaha P-45 will follow you everywhere and it is the perfect choice for beginners as well as an experienced keyboardist.

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Yamaha P45 Review [Key Features]

yamaha p45 digital piano reviewBuilt on an identical design as the P-35 model, the Yamaha P-45 has the same basic features as its predecessor.

A compact chassis with a simple and uncluttered design with efficient functions that make their effect:

  • the USB port: which allows to connect other instruments or to connect the keyboard directly to your computer,
  • the dual voice mode: which allows playing two sounds at the same time,
  • a duo split mode: which allows to separate the keyboard in two and thus to play two at the same time (ideal for learning),
  • a metronome,
  • two built-in 6-watt speakers
  • a sustain pedal,
  • auto power-off function.

Equipped with the AMW Stereo Sampling sound engine, the Yamaha P-45 delivers clear and very realistic acoustic sounds.
With 10 presets (grand piano, Rhodes electric piano, organ, violin, harpsichord variations, etc.), 64 polyphonic notes and 88 dynamic weighted keys, the P-45 sounds like a real acoustic piano.

3 control buttons (only) will allow you to access the main controls with ease: power, volume, and functions.

With a weight of 11.5 kg, this piano with practical dimensions is easily transported wherever you go: from repetition to the concert, through your living room or bedroom.

Indispensable: the Yamaha P-45 can be delivered with a stand, a helmet, and a seat. and this pack is usually cheaper than buying the equipment separately, think about it, it will save you precious dollars.

Realistic Sounds

yamaha p45 keyboard

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With its AMW engine, the sounds of this digital piano associated with the 64 polyphonic notes, provide a truly impressive rendering. The sound of the instruments has been digitized to provide high-quality sound reproduction. A true piano experience that would deceive more than one. This is especially true for piano and electric piano sounds.

With the dual voice mode and the sustain pedal, you will push a little more this brilliant and realistic sound observation.

The keyboard-equipped with a very responsive GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) mechanics – offers weighted keys as on a real piano: heavier at the bass and lighter in the treble.
The sensations are precise and convincing, making the Yamaha P-45 an ideal keyboard for training or performance. You can choose from four different levels of sensitivity, which will allow you to adjust the keyboard to suit your condition and your playing style.

Realistic Piano Sound in Headphones

Realistic sound to headphones? It’s possible! Yamaha worked on acoustics in headphones and achieved the feat of transcribing the vibrations of the instrument through a headset. You will finally be able to work without being disappointed by the sound reproduced.

Recording Mode

Do you want to register to re-listen to your performance, or simply to accompany you alone? No problem, the model “Yamaha P45” has a recording mode that will avoid you having to connect a complex system to be able to register. Press “registration” and go! You will be able to extract your recordings since they are exportable in Midifile format.

Affordable price for the impeccable quality

Being the new version of the Yamaha P-35 model that has already proven itself in the past, the P-45 will not disappoint you. You currently find it for less than $400, which is really affordable for an 88-key numeric keypad with sounds and features so appealing.

The P-45 is especially efficient and easy to use, with all the essential features that the pianist needs. It is a powerful product that suits the beginner as well as the more experienced musician.

Should I buy a Piano on Amazon?

As many passionate musicians prefer you can buy from a specialist. It is important to understand that as a consumer when you make a digital piano purchase on Amazon, there is behind your purchase a small specialist trader.

Indeed Amazon is what is called a “marketplace”, small music stores, therefore, offer products through the site. Technically, it is Amazon who manages the financial transaction, but it is a specialized trade that delivers you the piano.

Indeed in the case of Yamaha Pianos and other major brands, only shops certified by brands are allowed to offer these instruments.

More Info about this Keyboard in this Video

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