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Yamaha PSR-F51 Review

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Taking music with you acquires a much broader meaning when we speak of an electronic keyboard.

In this analysis of the Yamaha PSR-F51 review, we will check whether it really complies with what has been promised in terms of portability, the quality of the sound offered, or the advantages that its advanced technical characteristics can offer.

Since 1887, the year in which Torakusu Yamaha built its first organ, Yamaha has been a benchmark in terms of product quality and research, becoming, today, one of the most prestigious manufacturers of musical instruments.

We are going to verify if that prestige of the brand is also embodied in the PSR-F51 keyboard and if it can become the next electronic keyboard that you are considering to acquire.

Complete Yamaha PSR-F51 Review [Portable Keyboard]


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Advantages of the Yamaha PSR-F51 Electronic Keyboard

Advanced sound This Yamaha PSR-F51 incorporates the latest advances in terms of recording sounds, to achieve realism and quality of sounds that play close to those you would hear from their “real” sources.

Easy to handle and touch. Its controls are designed to facilitate the task of selecting voices or effects, thanks to the intuitive panel ordered by colors, so you only have to focus on playing the music you want.

Brand prestige. In the field of digital keyboards and pianos, Yamaha has a solid track record and extensive experience that has put at the service of all the creations made in recent years, achieving products of the highest quality and guarantee.

Easy portability Thanks to its compact and lightweight design you can take the keyboard with you without having to drag an excessive ballast.

Equipped with 120 voices and 114 rhythms. So there’s no excuse to find that perfect sound for your music.

Thanks to its extensive functions you can make covers, compose, or simply have fun with your friends interpreting the themes that you have always wanted in a simple, fun, and very practical way.

It can work with batteries. You can take it wherever you want and show your talent in the most amazing places (even if you do not have electricity) because you can also use it with batteries

With its built-in headphone output, you can play at any time without worrying about the inconvenience to your family and neighbors.


  • Premium sound quality
  • Light keyboard Easy to take with you
  • Voices of traditional instruments of the world
  • “Duo Mode” (you can play two hands-on identical sections of the keyboard)
  • “Dual Voice”. Combine instrument voices
  • It can run on batteries


  • Very sensitive keys. With little pressure, they already sound, and sometimes it can be an inconvenience
  • The keyboard does not differentiate the pressure when playing.
  • Absence of connection to PC
  • It has no microphone input

Questions and Answers. Know What Users are Saying

Important FAQs

Can it run on batteries or is it battery powered?

The keyboard works with batteries (not included)

Are the keys counterbalanced or similar?

The keys of the Yamaha PSR-F51 do not carry any counterweight system, that is, the sound sounds exactly the same regardless of the pressure that is exerted on the key in question.

Is it possible to plug a microphone into the keyboard?

No, it does not have a microphone input.

Can we record what we are playing?

The recording function is not included in this model.

Is the support included to hold the keyboard?

No, this model comes without support.

Some More Questions that People are Asking Recently

Can I use it to initiate myself in the studio and later make the leap to a normal piano?

Yes, the Yamaha PSR-F51 keyboard allows you to start and will be useful for you during the first years of your training. However, when you acquire a certain level you should look for other alternatives since this keyboard does not have counterbalanced keys.

Does this have a sustain button/option? Can this be used with a foot pedal?

We are assuming you mean a sustain pedal and the answer is yes to that. So, yes, it has a plug-in for a pedal and there are several on Amazon for around 10-15.00.

Where do I plug the sustain pedal?

It does not have an input for the sustain pedal.

Can this output to an amp or powered speaker?

Yeah. Headphone output from the keyboard to amp input works.

I see it says batteries but I want to connect it to the wall if possible, can I?

I believe you can because it comes with an adapter.

Which stand is best for this keyboard?

Any will go great.

Does it have a place to plug in headphones so it doesn’t disturb others?

Yes, it does. Regular headphones, not Bluetooth or the iPhone type.

How much does it weigh (in pounds)?

8.59803 Pounds.

Is it touch-sensitive?


Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, the PSR-F51 is a great keyboard for beginners or students, as well as for confessed lovers of music who want to start showing their aptitude.

If your musical hobbies have become a real passion and you are looking for a device with which you can get started in the musical interpretation of electronic instruments, the Yamaha PSR-F51 electronic keyboard is for you.

In short, a keyboard that combines HD quality sound, lightness, portability, and ease of use to make your sessions with the instrument become one of your favorite moments of the day.

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