ADM Ukulele 21 Inches Review [Soprano Size]

adm ukulele review

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If you are reading this, it means you are either a ukulele lover or someone who has an interest in ukuleles. In this article, we are going to review one of the best affordable ukuleles for beginners in the market. The name of the product is ADM Ukulele which is 21 inches in length overall.

As I am writing this article, this is obvious that I am a ukulele lover myself and I love to play the ukulele. I saw it on Amazon when I was researching to find the best value ukulele for myself. I found that the ADM Ukulele 21 Inches is the best ukulele for the money.  Why? Let’s find out.

Why ADM Ukulele 21 Inches is so Popular?

ADM Ukulele 21 Inches is renowned as the best budget ukulele because the design and materials are raw and legit, at a very cheap price. As it is a lower-end and also entry-level ukulele, it has a great portfolio on Amazon, and a huge number of the product is sold from Amazon. But what are the great features that make it sell a huge number of ukuleles? Let’s list out the specifications which make it so great.

  • Built with Basswood Body, Neck, FingerBoard, and Bridge
  • Comprehensive Design with Strong Modification
  • 21 Inches of Length Makes it Beginner Friendly
  • 1.85 Pounds of Weight Makes it More Beginner Friendly
  • Mind-Blowing Sound Quality
  • High-Quality Tuner
  • 15 Brass Frets with Fret Marks
  • Soft Nylon Strings
  • One Year of Warranty

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Materials Built with

ADM Ukulele 21 Inches Soprano is built with Basswood. The Body and neck are built with high-quality Brasswood, and also it has a Basswood fingerboard and bridge with a nice design. It has a linden back and sides with a smooth and beautiful design.

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Comprehensive Design with Strong Modification

ADM Ukulele 21 Inches Soprano has a nice simple and clean design. It has a niche laser-etched rosette and logo on its head. It comes in two different colors. One is Wine Red, other is simple marvelous Black.

21 Inches of Length Makes it Beginner Friendly

As the ADM Ukulele Soprano ukulele is 21 inches, which is really a small length comparing to other concert and tenor ukuleles, this feature makes it easy for entry-level ukulele players, and also kids to fit through, the basswood smooth finishing feels so good when you grip it. It really has a comfortable grip so it does not slip through while a kid is playing it. This feature makes it one of the best affordable beginners ukuleles of all time.

1.85 Pounds of Weight Makes it More Beginner Friendly

adm ukulele 21 inches review
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ADM Ukulele 21 Inches Soprano has a weight of 1.85 pounds which is very lightweight compared to other soprano size costly ukuleles. The basswood build makes it a bit weighty. It would have been more lightweight if it was made of rosewood or mahogany wood.

But what it offers at such a cheap price is crazy! As it is lightweight compared to other costly soprano ukuleles, this feature makes it beginner-friendly and also kids-friendly.

Kids often have a hard time while they are learning to play the ukulele because of the weight issue, practicing to play ukulele is tiresome, they will get demotivated while they face the extra weight at the time of practice, but as it is lightweight compared to other soprano ukuleles, this makes it one of the best affordable ukulele which is kids friendly and also beginner-friendly.

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Mind-Blowing Sound Quality

Though ADM Ukulele 21 Inches Soprano is a cheap ukulele, that does not make it less competition compared to other soprano ukuleles.

It has a bright and distinctive tone, that is rendered from the strings, and comes through as vibration by reflecting the empty space in the body. Which makes the perfect frequency of sound.

This frequency makes the perfect and balanced tone which is so controlled that the tone will sound natural, emotional and more dynamic. The melodious sound will make your heart wet that a ukulele lover cannot resist taking it to his/her and start playing it.

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Comes with High-Quality Tuner

ADM Ukulele 21 Inches Soprano comes with a high-quality eared tuner which makes the ukulele stay in tune easily. The tuner is so perfect that even a newbie or kid can tune the ukulele without seeing youtube or searching how to tune a ukulele with an eared tuner on google.

A Variation Package Bundle of this best affordable ukulele comes with a great quality clip tuner with led display, which adds more value for money to this cheap ukulele to buy. The Amazon link of the variation package is:

15 Brass Frets with Fret Marks

ADM Ukulele 21 Inches Soprano has 15 Brass Frets which is aligned perfectly to the body through the neck. When it is about string instruments, alignment is a very important issue.

The Reason is if a stringed musical instrument is not perfectly aligned, the player has to keep extra pressure on the strings, otherwise, the vibrations stop with the touch of the fingers. It ruins the sound of the instrument. This is the reason why alignment is an important issue when it is about stringed musical instruments.

Also, as ADM Ukulele 21 Inches Soprano has 15 Brass Frets perfectly aligned, this makes it a player to keep less pressure on the strings, which is one of the other beginner-friendly features of this great ukulele.

15 Brass fret has another special advantage which is, as there are 15 brass frets, this makes it easy for beginner ukulele players and kids to play through even high notes easily without struggling to keep more and more pressure on the strings.

Another great feature of the ukulele is that it has fret markers which help entry-level ukulele players to keep eye on the markers, practicing like that makes them play without markers in the future, you know, practice makes a man perfect.

Soft Nylon Strings

ADM Ukulele 21 Inches Soprano comes with soft regular and simple Nylon strings which makes it one of the best quality ukulele for the money. Soft nylon strings make it easy for ukulele players to keep their fingertips out of injury. It is normal that your fingertips will get a bit injured if you want to learn to play a stringed musical instrument like a ukulele of a guitar.

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Thus the soft Nylon strigs help the player to play it easily and the player gets through less manicure.

One Year of Warranty

adm ukulele

It is really astonishing that a lower-end ukulele like ADM Ukulele 21 Inches Soprano is giving a freaking year of servicing warranty for free.

This is really astonishing! I mean, if you are a ukulele lover, you already know that ukuleles have depreciation, and one day it gets out of use. But they are so confident about their product that they are offering 1 year of servicing warranty even if it is as so much cheap ukulele. This makes this ukulele the best cheap ukulele which is also the best budget ukulele for the money.

Anyways, now that we know the basic specifications of ADM Ukulele 21 Inches Soprano, let’s compare the pros and cons so you can decide which ukulele is best for you to buy.



  • Built with Quality Materials
  • Nice Classic Design
  • 21 Inches Length
  • 1.5 Pounds of Weight
  • Best Affordable Ukulele for Sound Quality
  • Comes with Good Quality Eared Tuner
  • 15 Brass Frets
  • One year of Service Warranty


  • Building Materials Could be Better
  • It Could have Came with Better Quality Strings

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Actually honestly speaking, the string is not a matter, you can change the strings anytime and replace them with better quality strings.

Bundle Package

ADM Ukulele 21 Inches Soprano has two different bundle packages that you can buy, which are:

ADM Soprano Ukulele 21 Inch Wooden ukulele for Beginner Kids Starter with Carrying Bag, Wine Red. This bundle comes with:

  • A Carrying Bag, Straps
  • One Quality eared tuner
  • It has one month of a money-back guarantee
  • One year of service warranty
More Info about this Ukulele in this Video

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