Lohanu Concert Ukulele Review [LU-C Bundle Pack for the Money]

Ukulele Concert Size Bundle from Lohanu LU-C Review

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Ukulele concert ukulele bundle from Lohanu LU-C comes with one of the best beginners ukulele and also professional when you are comparing other ukulele bundle packs with this one. Also, it is one of the most popular ones.

Lohanu brings all 3 of the ukulele sizes with these packages, you have to select which size is best for you. Usually, among all the Lohanu ukulele.

Lohanu concert ukulele size is the best one and enjoyable for everyone from children to adults.

It is because Lohanu concert ukulele is one of the kings who dominates the ukulele industry.


Because Lohanu Provides all three sizes of ukuleles with approximately similar qualities. And I must admit, they provide the best quality material while they plan a specific version or model.

Lohanu is an old brand, and it really has a good reputation for making quality ukuleles. Lohanu makes all three different sizes of ukuleles, but Lohanu concert ukulele is your best bet among them. Why?

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Why is Ukulele Concert Ukulele Bundle from Lohanu the Best Pick?

Lohanu concert ukulele model no. is LU-C. How can it be your best bet?

Well, be with us, at first we will review it by describing all the specifications of this ukulele. Then we will pick up the pros and cons for you, and when you see the pros and cons, you will be able to find out of your own why it can be your best bet when it is about a concert ukulele.


As we are reviewing Lohanu concert ukulele, we will only stick with the concert size features and specifications in this article.

So, the Lohanu concert ukulele size is 24.8 inches. The Body, neck, and fretboard dimensions are 24.4 x 8.3 x 2.8 inches. As it is just as the similar concert size ukuleles if you are a ukulele lover, you already know how a concert size makes itself unique.

It is the size; it has a medium size that everybody from children to adults can grip it comfortably without having any size difficulty.

Lohanu concert ukulele is not that large so that children have difficulty holding it, and it is also not that narrow that adults have to face trouble putting their fingers into the fretboard.

And, concert size is the medium size, it becomes comfortable for all, and being it a lohanu concert ukulele makes the grip more comfortable by the nice finishing off the design and the high-quality materials that are used to build this ukulele.


This ukulele comes with a Lohanu concert ukulele that is weighted 1.2 pounds. And when you order it from Amazon with the whole bundle, the shipping weight is 2.3 pounds. So you already understand that as it is a bundle pack, it comes with some accessories that you will find very useful if you are a beginner ukulele player.

Now coming back to the weight, as it is only 1.2 pounds, it is very lightweight which can be a real advantage for you as a beginner ukulele player.

Overweight can make you struggle to keep it playing while you are practicing as a beginner. So, weight is a beneficial feature of Lohanu concert ukulele which can adults and also children to learn to play ukulele quickly and easily.

Sound Quality

Ukulele Concert Size Bundle from Lohanu renders beautiful and melodious sound quality.


Well, its the architectural design of the Lohanu concert ukulele which makes the perfect frequency of the sound wave that passes through the hole of the stringed instrument, echos through the whole space that makes the bass long-lasting. Thus the exact uniformity of frequency makes them sound melodious and crystal clear.

No Buzzing noise and distortion spoil the sound. The warm, clear, and bright sounding of this ukulele faces no tuning issues. Only 3 inches bigger size provides a better quality of sound. This ukulele output so much beautiful sounds that this product makes itself the flagship product of the company.

Besides the sound frequency, it also outputs a classy tune. The tuning of the ukulele outputs a little bit of a metallic sound when it is brand new, it takes a bit of a time to be established in a perfect tune after a few times of tuning. If you give it a while on practicing it as a beginner, it will reward you with a great classing ukulele sounding.


lohanu ukulele back side design

The Ukulele has a nice classic and simple design which will steal your heart. If you are a real ukulele and music lover, you will not be able to control the temptation of buying it.

It also features an arched back design which is really nice which helps you to longer sound sustainability. Only 3 inches wider spaced frets which are better for adults and children age 9 and up

We mentioned the dimension of the ukulele. The architectural design of the product is awesome. It has a technical wooden fingerboard.

Also, it is bound with ABS. As a whole, the architectural design is beautiful and also good for rendering the perfect high-quality of melodious sound frequency that it makes it the flagship product of Lohanu, and also competes with other brands of ukuleles with its great design features.


The building materials of this concert ukulele are very high-quality. It is made of Sapele/Mahogany. The back, top, and the neck of this concert size bundle from Lohanu are also made of Sapele/Mahogany. If you know about stringed instruments, you probably already know that mahogany is one of the finest materials for strings instruments like ukuleles.

lohanu concert ukulele tuner

The wooden fingerboard is of technical wood fingerboard which has fret marks that will make it easy for you to find out fret numbers as a beginner.

It is bound with handmade ABS materials, the fretboard is perfectly aligned with the body, which makes the player easy to keep the pressure on the strings. The 24 inches ukulele also makes it easy for kids to grip comfortably and practice as a rough use as an entry-level ukulele.


This premium comes with premium quality Aquila strings which is one of the best string material in the musical instruments industry. Premium strings always take to settle down, so, do not be nervous if it does not render the expected sound at the very beginning.


The specialty of Ukulele Concert Size Bundle from Lohanu is owned by this Canadian company provides one of the best ukulele bundles which is really value for money. This pack includes:

Life Time Warranty

You can not find a ukulele company that offers you a lifetime warranty.

Two Strap Buttons

It comes with a built-in two strap buttons installed, which saves you from spending an extra buck for straps


It comes with chrome cast tuning gears which makes it easy for you to keep the ukulele in fine-tuning.


It comes with a case that protects the ukulele from getting ruined and also makes it easy for you to carry it with the case.


Two good quality picks also come with you so that you do not have to research the internet to find which is the best quality picks and spend an extra buck for it.

Paracord Hanger

lohanu concert ukulele paracord with adjustable ends

It comes with a paracord hanger with has adjustable ends.

Extra Strings

It comes with a set of extra strings that very few ukulele brands offer.

Ukulele Video Lessons

It comes with free and effective video lessons provided by lohanu


1 Lithium Metal batteries required for the tuner, which is also included in the package.


  • High-Quality Sound & Building Materials
  • Mid Range and Affordable
  • Arched Back Design
  • Aquila Strings
  • Great Tuner
  • Lightweight, 1.2 Pounds Only


  • Fretboards Could have been of better quality
More Info about this Ukulele in this Video

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