Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele Review

Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele Review

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Cordoba is a famous name in the stringed musical instruments industry, and Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele is one of the best beginners ukulele in the ukulele industry.

Not only it is one of the best, but also it is one of the best flagships of the huge fish in the musical instruments industry named Cordoba.

Today, we are going to write a review about this flagship ukulele. We will see the pros and cons of this legendary ukulele.

In this Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele Review, we are calling this ukulele a Legendary ukulele. Why is that? Because old is gold!

Also, this model of the ukulele is just the previous version of Cordoba 15TM Ukulele. Click the red link and you can read about that model.

Now coming back to the story, Cordoba 15TM is more like an old school model, but this model is still booming the market because of the great quality.

Now you might say, why wouldn’t I recommend Cordoba 15TM instead of Cordoba 15CM?

The answer is not certain. Because both of the models are good enough that they can not be each other’s competitors. But the main difference is compatibility.

The old model is good for classic sound and performs great for old school players. But if you like the new model, you can also choose that because the new model may work great for you.

You might also want to know about Cordoba 20CM Concert Ukulele which is another variation of these 12CM and 15TM models, the only difference is that one is the latest model and another is historical.

But remember, we are not comparing all three sizes of the same models. Sizes depend on many factors like height, weight, age, and compatibility. Though we are reviewing the Cordoba 15CM Concert model in this article.

Keep that in mind, actually, size does not really matter in the ukulele industry, the quality of the model matters most in this case.

Why Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele Can be Your #1 Pick If You are Just Starting Out?

For beginner and intermediate level players, Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele is said to be a beginner-friendly model.

The basic reason for this is, it is a concert size ukulele and if you are a ukulele lover, you already know that concert size ukuleles are the medium in size, which makes it easy for beginners and kids to grip it comfortably.

Also, everybody of all ages finds it easy to practice with it because of the size.

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Already we were talking about size. The dimension of this legendary ukulele is 24 x 6.5 x 10 inches which is why this is so kids friendly ukulele.

The 24 Inches body makes beginners and kids grip it comfortably. The grip is so stable and comfortable while you grip it that you will feel confidence inside you that it will motivate you while you are playing it.

As it is a concert size ukulele, and concert size ukuleles are medium size ukuleles, this makes it easy for not only kids but also adults and grown-up ukulele player to grip it and play it comfortably.

This is a rough use ukulele, so you can use it to practice in your school, your home, or you can also use it roughly in your guitar classes.

Taking it to your guitar classes reminds me that as it is a concert size ukulele, you will find it very easy to carry it here and there because of the 14 inches size. So that makes it a great feature that is easily portable.


When it is about weight, Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele has a disadvantage which is it has a weight of 4 pounds which is a bit extra comparing to other concert sizes. This is a less qualified feature of this legendary ukulele that this is really a bad optimization. Because of this less optimization feature, kids who are beginning to learn to play ukulele can find a hard time holding it for a long time. They might have to make a lot of practice to get comfy out of it.

But comparing the other compatibilities and advanced features as an old model ukulele, it also performed a lot in the market. So we can forgive the weight of the product considering the other great qualities of the ukulele.

When this ukulele was first designed, musical instruments could not process the build quality which made it so heavy.

Nowadays materials are processed well so that they are lightweight. But as a legend of that time, the performance of this ukulele could never be doubted.

Oh, I almost forgot, the shipping weight of the product is also 4 pounds, which is good because the less the shipping weight is, the better optimized the shipping process is.

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Sound Quality

Cordoba is more attentive to the quality of the product rather than concentrating on including a lot of accessories with it. It does not come with any accessories, still the price of this almost equal to the other equivalent ukuleles who includes a lot of accessories with the bundle package.

But still, they take as equal money for it only because they know how good quality product they have to produce. If you ask me, it is definitely worth the money as a mid-range concert ukulele.

As a mid-range budget ukulele, Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele is rendered far better sound quality than any other equivalent ukulele.

The sound output from it is warm. The sound is also bright and sharp, and also it produces perfect frequency from the premium Aquila strings.

The sound wave strummed from those industry-standard strings waves through the soundhole, reflected by the high-quality Mahogany body and sides, then shuffled and output through the whole body and the soundhole with a mixture of the frequency of a mixture wavelength.

The sound quality of this legendary ukulele is classic, the tone rendered is melodious which will take you back to a feeling of classic natural music.

Also, you could find a very few concert ukulele that renders a long sustaining bass sound.

Long sustaining bass sound is more like a tenor ukulele feature, but you will find a flavor of it even if you select the concert size because of well processed and a bit weighty mahogany wood build.


The design and bindings of Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele introduce it of great craftsmanship.

It has elegant bindings of  Ivroid bindings as an entry-level concert ukulele. The color of the legendary ukulele is bright with a satin finishing.

The finishing looks so simple and just like another classic guitar that if you are a ukulele lover, you will simply get crushed on this classic old ukulele.

The Abalone-style rosette and Ivoroid body and fingerboard binding make this so unique from other industry-standard ukuleles.

Build Materials

Cordoba 15 TM Concert Ukulele has a great build with mahogany wood which is the industry standard in the ukulele industry.

But the thing is, the wood of this specific ukulele is processed so well that makes the quality out of it, you can never compare the build quality of this old and gold classic sounded ukulele with any other equivalent ukuleles.

The top, back, and sides of the ukulele are also made of mahogany wood. The fingerboard is bound with Ivoroid binding with the body.

The fingerboard is smooth and the frets are well uninformed. The alignment is also great so that you do not have to keep extra pressure on the strings while practicing with it. The plastic bridge is well bound with the body.


The strings of this classic sounded ukulele is premium quality Aquila strings which are an industry standard. Nice.

But it does not come with an extra set of strings which is okay because the quality they maintain of the ukulele is awesome and we can not expect more from them with such a mid-range price.


  • Mahogany Top, back, and sides
  • Great warm and rich sound quality
  • 24 Inches
  • Satin finish
  • Premium Aquila Strings


  • The weight of this ukulele is 4 pounds which can be a bit challenging for beginners and especially kids to practice with it.

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